Weathervane Farm

Weathervane Farm always brings organic produce to the Salida and Buena Vista farmers markets. The BV Farmers Market is held from 3-7 p.m., Fridays on the square in South Main.

Weathervane Farm announced that it would be closing after 13 farming seasons in a post to its Facebook page last week.

“In the same way, as we close this chapter and embark on a new adventure for our family, there is a willingness in our hearts to explore new experiences and see ourselves in new ways,” wrote Seth and Caitlin Roberts, who founded the local farm in 2007 off CR 350.

“We’ve not arrived at this decision lightly. Years of trying to make the farm work for us, many months of untangling thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and truly holding the weight of our options and listening to where life is taking us have gone into this choice.”

The Roberts came to BV from Fort Collins, and supplied the valley with local produce to restaurants and directly to customers through Community Supported Agriculture shares.

“Excitement and gratitude exist in tandem with a feeling of great loss. We are lucky, like those before us, to observe the beauty and productivity of this place,” the note reads.

“Weathervane Farm has a life of its own and has provided nourishment for many minds, bodies, and souls. We hope others will take up the charge and continue this valuable work in new ways. There is no doubt of the abundant potential and support here.

“This place grows some of the finest vegetables and flowers on earth,” the Roberts said.

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