Changing stations

New privacy structure at river park.

After being severely damaged in an act of vandalism late last year, a structure used to provide privacy when changing in and out of river gear in the Buena Vista River Park has been restored.

Rising to the purpose was Buena Vista contractor Zach Chambers with Currents Construction Electrical and Plumbing.

“(Chambers) donated all the time to help us rebuild the changing structure,” said BV Recreation director Earl Richmond. “We had to replace all the plywood, we had to replace all the outside finishings. He did it with – it’s cool – some old barnwood and metal to give it some integrity.”

“As a town we always try to address vandalism and fix things up instead of letting it sit around to long, and it’s a very highly-used facility and we wanted to make sure the public has access to it as soon as possible,” Richmond said.

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