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Here’s what you missed from the July 28 meeting of the Buena Vista board of trustees:

1 Trustees spent several hours debating the content of a draft ordinance that would allow the sale of cannabis for recreational use in town.

Building off the ordinance that was drafted and put before voters in 2016, the board methodically ran through each element of the ordinance, beginning with whether to allow cultivation and testing businesses and ending with the potential ballot question that would ask voters to approve a special use tax.

On cultivation, trustees were unanimous in disallowing cultivation in town limits due to the odors associated with those facilities.

The board then discussed whether retail and medical should be allowed to operate within the same building, and how many stores would be allowed in town.

After some back and forth, the board settled on allowing a business to conduct recreational and medical sales in the same building, and limiting the number of cannabis establishments in town to 2, whether those establishments be medical, recreational or dual-purpose.

Then came the discussion of how the town would determine which businesses would get those two spots if more than two apply. The board settled on having prospective businesses go through a rigorous vetting period and, if they pass, entering those businesses into a lottery.

A major point of discussion was the list of various establishments, from schools to rehab centers to libraries, of which the ordinance prohibits a cannabis shop from being within a certain distance.

For instance, disallowing a cannabis establishment within 1,000 feet of a school excludes the vast majority of East Main Street from having a cannabis establishment.

The board also discussed limitations on signage.

2 The board approved an intergovernmental agreement between the town and the county concerning the 3-mile plan – which would manage growth within an area legally in the county – within 3 miles of Buena Vista town limits.

3 The board also recieved an update from Chaffee County housing director Becky Gray on the formation of the county’s multijurisdictional housing authority.

4 Dean Morgan took his oath of office, officially taking on the role of chief of the Buena Vista Police Department.

Along with Chief Morgan, Ben Adair took the oath as sergeant, as did Shane Garcia, Jesse Mitchell as corporal and Amber Lee an investigator.

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