Kate Garwood with the Chaffee County Transportation Advisory Board presented the board’s strategic objectives for the countywide multimodal plan at the Chaffee County commissioners’ Tuesday meeting.

Garwood said the plan was designed for the comprehensive plan the county is working on. The next step will be the transportation master plan, then a task list of projects.

The plan was guided by plans from the Colorado Department of Transportation, to work toward getting funding from CDOT in the future, Garwood said.

The board designated eight different modes of transportation to consider: bicycle, pedestrian, transit, highways and roads, airplanes, freight, rail and telecommunications.

Transportation Board members put together five objectives in their plan, each with three points to focus on.

Their first objective was safety, to move the county toward zero deaths in all transportation modes. Their goals include safety focus areas, such as aging road users, impaired driving, tourists and visitors and young drivers.

They are also looking at reducing crashes through improved crash data collection and improving connectivity for safety, which would include redundancy for ingress and egress points in emergencies.

Their second objective was to improve mobility and connectivity with a focus on operation and transportation choice.

Some of the goals for this include developing the county operations implementation plans and corridor operations plans and engaging volunteer organizations in ongoing management activities.

They also want to enhance travel mobility and expand transit options, looking at multimodal transportation opportunities such as increasing safe routes to school, transit stations and bus bike racks.

The third objective is economic vitality, which would include selecting projects that would help with local job creation, job access and economic savings.

They also want to improve freight and delivery options, fund projects to maintain competitiveness and investigate alternatives for managing traffic for tourism activities and special events.

The board’s fourth objective is preserving and maintaining the existing transportation system. Some of the goals for this include pavement management, preventive maintenance, asset management and maximizing funding.

The fifth objective addresses multiple goal areas through policies such as creating sustainable funding, engaging with the CDOT action plan for transportation needs, making more effective and efficient use of limited funding, improving the resiliency of transportation against weather and other hazards and continued investigation and implementation of a countywide sustainability plan.

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