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Here are three things to take away from the July 9 meeting of the Buena Vista board of trustees:

1 Trustees voted to continue deliberation on whether to take on maintenance responsibilities for a 1,700-foot water main that will be built under Buena Vista school district property to serve its new middle and high school.

The resolution on the table would create an intergovernmental agreement between BVSD and the town regarding “ownership, maintenance, repair and placement” of the 8-inch water line serving the new school building.

The district has pursued an aggressive, ambitious building schedule for the $51 million project, looking to complete it by next year. Putting the line in the hands of the town would allow builders to install the line sooner, before students returned to school, district superintendent Lisa Yates said.

The district would reimburse the town for expenses related to maintaining the line.

However, the board was apprehensive, unsure about where responsibility would fall in the unique situation of town-owned property that exists in the ground underneath private property.

Cindie Swisher made a motion to continue discussion to a later date. The district’s representatives at the meeting, Yates and architectural design supervisor Abe Hachmann, objected, saying that they would need to have the board’s decision by July 19.

“We’re a bit more under the gun than that,” Hachmann said.

After a moment, David Volpe provided the second needed to carry the motion to a full vote, at which point the board passed it unanimously.

Before the vote, Volpe had questioned entering into a long-term, permanent ownership of the line to spare the district a short-term inconvenience.

“In the past we’ve rushed through things and regretted it, and I don’t want us to regret this,” Mark Jenkins said.

2 The board voted to direct town staff to begin working with Monarch Mountain ski area on a possible vinyl replacement for the painted wooden welcome sign that can be seen, Mount Princeton looming in the background, as motorists travel west down Trout Creek Pass into the valley.

Monarch suggested the partnership with the town to create a sign that would predominantly point toward Buena Vista, using the colors found in BV’s town logo but would also feature the ski area’s branding and the tagline “Welcome to Monarch Country,” part of an effort to associate itself with all of Chaffee County, rather that just the U.S. Highway 50 corridor.

Monarch CEO and general manager Randy Stroud said that the partnership would come with Monarch beginning to promote Buena Vista on its website along with Salida.

Monarch events manager Kathryn Wadsworth said that the sign would be made with tightly wrapped vinyl – the same technology used in billboards around the country, meaning that the content of the sign could be easily changed. She estimated the total cost of the sign at around $1,000.

“The question is, do we want to go down this corporate partnership process to save ourselves $1,000 dollars,” Libby Fay asked.

While the board’s direction to staff signaled its approval of the concept of the partnership, specific elements of the deal or the design of the sign were not nailed down.

3 The board directed town Public Works to gather the materials to convert six lots on East Main Street to 15-minute or less parking spots.

The idea to increase the availability of spots for customers doing quick business, like pick-ups or drop-offs, has been discussed by trustees for a couple of meetings.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Public Works director Shawn Williams presented a map of where the short-term spots could go, suggesting a layout in which each short term spot would be placed next to an existing handicap-accessible spot.

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