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20 years ago

Thursday, June 29, 2000

ADT non-motorized trail goes from sea to shining sea

BV Mayor Sharyle Solis participated in a history-making moment when BV was recognized as a Trailhead Town for American Discovery Trails, America’s first coast to cost, non-motorized trail…

The ADT is a collection of more than 200 local, regional and national trails each with its own constituency and caretakers. The project was started 10 years ago and connects existing trails into one national trail. It is a multi-use, non-motorized route to be used for hiking, biking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

The event at Town Hall marks part of the millennium grand opening ear of 6,356 miles of trail which begins at Point Reyes National Seashore, California and ends in Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware.

40 years ago

Thursday, June 26, 1980

Strobel leads record-breaking kayakers to win FIB-Ark

Strong-paddling Michael Strobel, a 35-year-old Munich, West Germany doctor, led a host of record-breaking kayakers to win the 32nd annual FIB-Ark downriver race last Sunday.

Strobel, a two-time FIB-Ark winner, smashed his 1978 record of one hour, 58 minutes and 22 seconds with a quick 1:54:04 in the marathon 25.7-mile event..

136 years ago

Buena Vista Democrat

Thursday, June 26, 1884

• How queer it is, too, that people who borrow a paper to read are the first ones to find fault with its contents.

• The strawberry crop of Colorado this year is immense – when are we to get the benefit of it.

• Miners in the surrounding camps and gulches declare that they can purchase supplies in the grocery, clothing and hardware line cheaper in Buena Vista than in Denver.

• Different parts of the state are arranging for Fourth of July celebrations, but horse races, base ball matches and fire crackers hardly tend to keep patriotism alive. No child should be permitted to grow up without hearing the Declaration of Independence read, and important events in our history reviewed by some good orator every year if we would have a nation of patriots.

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