8-foot snowman

Weston, 4, left, and Colton Cooper, 8, right, hang out with an 8-foot giant snowman created by them with the help of other family members Tuesday. Tuesday’s snow prompted kids and adults to get out and enjoy the results of the unseasonable storm.

A storm passing through southern Colorado dropped as much as 18 inches of snow in Chaffee County and closed Monarch Pass for several hours Tuesday due to icy conditions and poor visibility.

Salida Public Schools announced a remote snow day Wednesday, the first of its kind in the district, which was made possible by preparations for remote learning due to COVID-19.

Salida saw more than a foot of snow in some areas by Wednesday morning adding a much needed storm total of 1.38 inches of precipitation to the area.

Buena Vista averaged between 5-8 inches of snow by morning.

In Chalk Creek Canyon, Alpine averaged from 14-18 inches, while St. Elmo recorded a foot of snow.

The storm served to clear out the smoke that had inundated the area Monday due to wildfire activity in Utah, California and Colorado.

While recent warm temperatures helped keep roads somewhat clear, blowing snow was a concern for travelers.

County roads and highways were snow-packed Tuesday night, but had melted by late Wednesday morning.

In Salida the most noticeable effect of the storm was the number of downed tree limbs around town.

Tree limbs heavy with snow fell through the night in yards and into the street and clearing them is now a priority for the city.

Power temporarily went out in some areas of the county including parts of Salida and the northern end of the county, but service was restored by Xcel Energy and Sangre de Cristo Electric Association.

A National Weather Service winter weather advisory remains in effect for Chaffee County until noon today.

Temperatures are expected to rise into the 50s today with snow likely changing to rain and are expected to reach the 70s by the weekend.

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