Town of Buena Vista sales tax receipts

Sales tax returns for March are up in 2019 as compared to last year, albeit by a smaller margin than other months that have shown double-digit leaps in business activity.

Bringing in $225,926.77 in sales tax revenue, March’s returns were 3.8 percent higher than in that same period in 2018, when receipts of $217,602 were reported by the town.

March brought in 6.2 percent more in 2018 than in 2017, and between 2016 and 2017, March returns grew by 11.3 percent.

This year, January brought in 6.8 percent and February 13.5 percent more sales tax than in the same months in 2018. Last year, 8 months recorded growth of over 10 percent.

“While the March sales tax still exceeds budget the small excess may reflect the cooler spring this year,” said town treasurer Michelle Stoke.

Overall, tax returns for the first 3 months of the year exceed those from the same period in 2018 by 7.68 percent.

The returns are 4.97 percent over the total year-to-date budget, Stoke said.

In 2018, sales tax returns attributable to March accounted for 7.2 percent of the total returns for the year. March is historically the 8th highest-returning month of the year, bringing in more than January, February, April and November.

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