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CDOT's North Maintenance Area includes patrols in  Poncha Springs (8 plows), Maysville (6 plows), Sargents (3 plows) and Buena Vista (5 plows). Work in the North Area includes three passes: US 285 Poncha Pass, US 24 Trout Creek Pass and US 50 Monarch Pass. The Area has 31 maintenance workers including temporary employees and 26 pieces of snow and avalanche removal equipment (including 20 snowplows, 9 of which are equipped with MDSS). There are two trucks equipped with liquid deicer applicator tanks and seven combo units (that also carry sand/salt). Other plow trucks will carry sand/salt and ice slicer (a solid salt product) for providing traction. North Area maintenance crews take care of 400 lane-miles including the three mountain passes mentioned above. 

As the weather shifts into wintry conditions, the Colorado Department of Transportation reminds motorists of new laws affecting drivers in winter conditions.

A new traction law states: During snow and icy conditions, the minimum tread depth for tires on all vehicles, including those with four-wheel drive, is increased from 1/8 inch to 3/16 inch.

With the new tandem snowplow law it is illegal for drivers to pass a snowplow operating in tandem formation with one or more snowplows. The snowplows have the right-of-way. In general, stated CDOT, it’s best to stay safely behind plows.

CDOT urged drivers to be prepared for adverse weather conditions and make sure tires are winter ready.

Fall storms can catch motorists off guard, especially those preceded by warm temperatures, CDOT officials said.

Storms this time of year typically have high moisture content, which could lead to roadways becoming very slick very quickly.

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