Decker Fire map 9.19

U.S. Forest Service public affairs officer Suzanne Flory said Tuesday the Forest Service expects the Decker Fire to burn in the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness Area until the end of the fire season.

“We’ve been telling people to expect smoke here and there until the snow flies,” she said.

Flory called the fire a “season-ending event.”

The Decker Fire, burning about 9 miles south of Salida, did not grow Monday beyond the 846 acres last reported, a press release stated Tuesday.

The weather has been favorable for the past few days, Flory said.

Crews are monitoring the fire to make sure it doesn’t leave the wilderness area and to determine where it would go if it did leave the wilderness area, Flory said.

She said the objective is to not let the fire go onto private lands.

Thirty-nine people are assigned to the fire.

Crews will let the fire burn as long as it stays within the wilderness area, Flory said, because it is taking out a lot of fuel sources.

Firefighters also are scouting areas such as the Rainbow Trail that could act as firebreaks if necessary.

Flory said the fire could potentially generate the type of smoke plume seen on Saturday again, if conditions are right.

The fire started Sept. 8 with a lightning strike that hit where there were good conditions to ignite a fire, Flory said.

No evacuations or closures are in effect at this time.

For updated information, call 719-626-1095 or visit

To sign up for the Chaffee County sheriff’s emergency notification system, visit

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