Main Street Corner

Passersby examine the front of the former Gone to the Dogs building at the corner of East Main and Railroad streets.

A demolition permit has been filed for interior work at the three addresses that make up the buildings at the corner of East Main and Railroad streets.

The permit, filed on Oct. 25, does not allow for modifications to the exterior of the buildings.

Former tenants Gone to the Dogs, relocated to South U.S. Highway 24 earlier this year. The Green Parrot bar closed its doors in 2017.

The permit also prohibits any demolition that would combine the two separate buildings into one by removing load-bearing walls between them.

“We are authorizing demolition work of each space, but will not allow any demolition of the load bearing walls between the two separate buildings until we have a subdivision plat to combine the buildings into one building on one lot and/or not allow any demolition of any exterior elements of each building until we have completed a thorough review of any changes to the exterior, including meeting any applicable historic preservation requirements of the town,” said Buena Vista town planner Mark Doering in a memo to the county building department approving the permit.

Sharon Young, who purchased the property in 2017, declined to comment on the future plans for the space, saying that she had leased it to tenants.

Suzy Kelly’s architectural history of East Main for the Historical Preservation Commission’s proposed architectural guidelines found that the “Marks Block” building at the corner of Main and Railroad dates back to 1890 and had a long history as the home of various mercantile businesses or grocery store.

The building was also home to the Green Parrot Cafe as far back as 1927, she writes.

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