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Chaffee County commissioners unanimously agreed Tuesday to spend $10,000 toward authorization and execution of project scoping agreements for the Ruby Mountain CR 300 project.

“Let’s approve the $10,000 for scoping now, and we can look at the bigger picture during our budget discussion,” Commissioner Greg Felt said.

The project will be partially funded by a Federal Lands Access Program grant, which the county applied for earlier in the year.

Felt said he had been at the site recently, and the road was getting worse, narrowing even more as the downslope was sliding off.

The project would widen CR 300 in an area known as “the narrows,” a section of the road that is about 10 feet wide, plus add a guardrail and retaining wall.

The project will improve about 1,500 feet of road and cost approximately $2 million.

County engineer Gary Greiner has proposed building a retaining wall between the current edge of the road and the river, then cutting into the opposite hillside and using that to fill the gap between the road and the retaining wall.

Another option would be to cut into the hillside, which is mostly solid rock and a much more expensive and time-consuming option.

The commissioners unanimously approved:

• An agreement with Runeck Ballot Print and Mail Services to print ballots.

• A fee waiver for a demolition permit for Buena Vista Heritage.

• A challenge grant for $10,000 to Historic St. Elmo & Chalk Creek Inc., if the group raises $6,000.

• A proclamation in recognition of Buena Vista Drug’s 50-year anniversary.

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