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Trustees will hold a public hearing on the preliminary plat of a new subdivision on a property off North Colorado Avenue when they next meet June 25.

Trustees have been called to sign off on fewer site plans for new construction since the passage of the new Unified Development Codes, which delegates approval of small construction to the town administrator.

The Boulders of Buena Vista has proposed subdividing the 5-acre lot near the corner of North Arkansas Street and North Colorado into 45 lots, above the threshold of 10 lots that would designate it a major subdivision, and thus requiring trustee approval.

If trustees vote to approve the preliminary plat, the project will then move forward to a final plat, which can be approved by town, provided that it does not deviate from the preliminary. After that, the drafting of a public improvement agreement is next, which would outline the phasing of any new town infrastructure that would need to be built for the project and the security the town would hold in the event that those improvements were not made by deadline.

The agenda for Tuesday’s meeting also has Reed Dils of Friends of Browns Canyon as a speaker. Town administrator Phillip Puckett said that Dils would outline that organization’s desires for the recreation management plan in the national monument.

The management plan is currently in the public comment phase of a lengthy revision process.

Trustees will also consider a pair of mid-year budget adjustments for the Buena Vista Police Department.

The board will deliberate whether to approve a voice analyzer that would aid in investigations, as well as the purchase of a new K-9 dog.

The trustees held a work session with BVPD in March discussing in part BVPD’s current police dog, Jax.

Officers said that the department had trouble with arrests obtained through Jax’s ability to detect drugs through scent not being accepted by circuit courts due to the dog being trained to indicate marijuana, despite its legal status in Colorado.

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