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Mark Morris of Rapidgrass fame is an accomplished musician, but music is only one part of his world. He’s also a professional athlete, a commercial photographer, a husband and an entrepreneur.

Music has been instrumental in Hannigan’s life for as long as she can remember. Her earliest childhood memories always had the backdrop of one of her father’s vinyl records, and he had exquisite taste, she said.


Soon a distinct sound, reminiscent of a tiny horn, gently reveals the opening melodic lines of the Bahamian folk song made famous by The Beach Boys, with a reverence of grace. In the absence of words comes a sweet, melodic chiming brewed with reverberating metallic resonance, gently heaving back and forth. 


Lives are like tapestries with almost countless, interwoven strings and colors and fabrics combined into a single entity, the pieces often unaware of their connectivity.

Kayla Vance isn’t a household name. She’s not a rising superstar or preparing for her 15 minutes on national television. What she is is persistent and driven.

Vance is a young woman determined not to lead an average, unfulfilled life.


A young cowboy at heart, Gray’s musical career has spanned over seven decades and he has no plan on stopping anytime soon.

“Singing makes me happy. I hope I am singing on my last day,” Gray said with a smile.

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Just prior to starting a media walk-through of the site Thursday afternoon, Bentley walked across the hot dustly lot behind the main stage amid a cacophony of machinery from skid loaders to heavy equipment, trucks and assembly activity talking on his phone, disconnecting just before meeting the press and announced, “Just got off the phone with Keith Urban. He wants to play next year,” Bentley said, a broad grin spreading across his face.

The festival was growing and looking forward to next year even before the first one kicked off.

Bentley repeated the message through several performances starting with a wink and a “hint, hint,” and ending with an invitation during Sunday night’s headline performance to return next year.

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While touring in France, the four-piece string band learned that they had scored two spots in the Labor Day weekend festival.  Following up on Monday evening, mandolin player Alex Johnstone reminisced on the weekend, starting with “Did that even just happen?” 

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“I was looking at all the Rocky Mountains around here,” said Clint Black in between songs during his Friday night set. The audience whooped. “And I thought, ‘We could be playing on some city street.’”

At this the audience booed.

“We agree,” Black said drily.

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The dinner offered local winners Rick and Mary Streily and Mike and Debbie Alexander, all lifelong fans of music – especially the blues – a chance to visit with a living legend who was at the heart of that style’s transition from an oral folk tradition to a mainstream musical genre that captivated young artists throughout America and the world since the 1960s.

“I been everywhere, man. You name it,” Primer said.

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The inaugural show at Buena Vista’s newest multi-purpose venue will take place Friday, as the band Rapidgrass takes the stage in the Ivy Ballroom at the Surf Hotel.

A 15-year journey has been gaining speed to culminate in a night of world-class bluegrass. For Jed Selby, developer of the Surf Hotel, the evening will showcase a vision started long ago.

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Buena Vista is also blessed with two men who make music happen – two men of very different backgrounds, goals, dreams and expectations – whose paths have intersected.

South Main developer Jed Selby has been bringing music to town for more than a decade through various venues and enterprises.

Court Johnson, co-owner of The Lariat with his wife Robbie, has been at it just a couple years – but they’ve been impactful years.