Sealed bids subject to the conditions and provisions presented herein will be received until 2:00 PM (local time) on July 8, 2019 and then publicly opened and read at the Chaffee County Courthouse, 104 Crestone Avenue, Salida, Colorado 81201, for furnishing all labor, materials and equipment and performing all work necessary for the Airfield Restriping at Harriet Alexander Field in Salida, CO.

Copies of the bid documents including project drawings and technical specifications are on file and may be inspected at:

Chaffee County Courthouse

104 Crestone Avenue

Salida, Colorado 81201

Burns & McDonnell Engineering Company, Inc. (Engineer)

9785 Maroon Circle, Suite 400

Centennial, Colorado 80112

P: 303-474-2213

A complete set of bid documents may be obtained from Salida Airport (Harriet Alexander Field).

All Proposal Forms shall be submitted within a bound Project Manual. Proposal Forms detached from the Project Manual will be considered irregular and will be disqualified.

The Owner will conduct a non-mandatory prebid conference for this project by appointment at the Harriet Alexander Field Terminal, 9255 County Road 140, Salida, Colorado 81201. Contact Zech Papp, Airport Manager at 719-539-3720 for appointment.

Technical questions and requests for clarifications shall be submitted in writing (traditional mail or email) to the Engineer no later than 7 calendar days (July 1, 2019) prior to the Bid Opening Date. Questions and clarifications shall be submitted to: Nick Tessitore, 9785 Maroon Circle, Suite 400, Centennial, Colorado 80112, Phone: 303-474-2213, Email:

Contract Work Items: This project will involve the following work items and estimated quantities. Prospective bidders are hereby advised that the quantities indicated herein are approximate and are subject to change per the Section 40 of the General Provisions.

Table 1

Contract Time

The owner has established a contract performance time of 30 calendar days from the date of the Notice-to-Proceed. All project work shall be substantially completed within the stated timeframe. This project is subject to liquidated damages as prescribed within the project manual.

Bid Security

Each proposal must be accompanied by a bid guaranty in the form of a Bid Bond in the amount of five (5) percent of the total amount of the bid. The bid guaranty shall be completed on the Bid Bond form provided within the Project Manual.

Bonding Requirements

The successful bidder will be required to furnish separate performance, payment, and maintenance bonds each in the amount equal to 100% of the contract price within fifteen (15) calendar days from the time of contract execution.

Award of Contract

All proposals submitted in accordance with the instructions presented herein will be subject to evaluation. Bids may be held by the Office of Financial Management, Purchasing Division for a period not to exceed 30 days from the date of the bid opening for the purpose of conducting the bid evaluation. Award of contract will be based on the lowest aggregate sum proposal submitted from those bidders that the Owner confirms as being responsive and responsible. The right is reserved, as Chaffee County, Colorado may require, to reject any and all bids and to waive any informality in the bids received.

Additional Provisions

Modification to the project documents may only be made by written addendum as issued by the Owner or Owner’s authorized Representative.

The bidder’s proposal must be made on the forms provided within the bound project manual. Bidders must supply all required information prior to the time of bid opening.

Right to Examine and Audit. The Contractor agrees that the County, or any of its authorized representatives, shall have access to and the right to examine and audit any and all books, documents, papers and records of the Contractor hereunder or any change order or contract modification thereto, or with compliance with any clauses thereunder. Such records shall include hard copy as well as computer readable data. The Contractor shall require all of its payees including but not limited to, subcontractors, insurance agents or material suppliers to comply with the provisions of this clause by including the requirements hereof in a written agreement between the Contractor and payee. Further, the Contractor agrees to cooperate fully and will cause all related parties and will require all of its payees to cooperate fully in furnishing or making available to the County any and all such books, documents, papers and records.

Submittal of Proposals

Additional information and instruction for submittal of a proposal are provided within the Instructions-to-Bidders.

Envelopes containing bids must be sealed and addressed to:

Chaffee County Courthouse

104 Crestone Avenue

Salida, Colorado 81201

The upper left hand corner of the sealed envelope must identify the following information:


Bid of: (Name and Address of Bidder)

For the Airfield Restriping at Harriet Alexander Field

Salida, Colorado 81201

To be opened at: 2:00 PM on July 8, 2019

Published in The Chaffee County Times June 13, 20, 2019.

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