The Watershed

The Watershed, the old U.S. Forest Service building at 410 E. Main St., will be for rent beginning Sept. 1.

The Watershed, the flexible event space on East Main Street, announced that it would be closing as a business and that entire property would be available to rent beginning in September.

“After much back and forth, we have decided to close Watershed at the end of the summer season (Aug. 31),” said Rick Bieterman in an open letter on Facebook last week.

Bieterman and his wife Katy Welter renovated and opened the former U.S. Forest Service office building as a “community space” in 2016 to host art shows, pop-up shops, meetings, public presentations and films.

The stage built in the open space behind the building has been host to numerous Buena Vista Event Cooperative events as well.

“By far, our favorite part of Watershed has been watching the variety of ways the space has been used to benefit both individual users and organizational members,” Bieterman said. “Our hope was to provide a space that focused on community growth and inclusion. We believe we have done just that.”

Bieterman said that he and Welter were closing the business to focus more on their ranch home and their son Henry.

In addition, Welter will have more time to focus on her law practice with Rocky Mountain General Counsel and her volunteer position as chair of the Buena Vista Historical Preservation Society.

Bieterman said that he would continue to develop the Watershed Ranch and that “in the coming years, we hope to bring the Watershed concept of sharing space and passion (which so many of you have grown to love) up to the ranch.”

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