More than 70 people stopped by the pump track in Buena Vista’s River Park last weekend to help out with a rehabilitation of the practice track before BV Rec installs new features.

Buena Vista Recreation director Earl Richmond said that about 22 volunteers checked in to work on the track on Friday and 50 checked in throughout Saturday. That number doesn’t include the many young children who came out to put sweat equity into the public facilities they will use.

“All ages, as you can see from the photos,” Richmond said. “There were a lot of people there helping throughout the event, which was awesome.”

The track hasn’t seen any dedicated rehab efforts in over 10 years, Richmond said, and crews working over the weekend raked the track back to its original condition, removing debris and putting down new sand.

Volunteers also gave greater definition to the track to reduce future erosion and degradation caused by riders entering and exiting the track at any point.

“It never really had an entrance. It was like a free-for-all, you could go wherever. So we’ve created an official entrance in the southern aspect of the track,” Richmond said. “What we did was we created lanes, like corridor lanes out of small rocks. For people on the course it creates a great visual of where to head.”

Richmond said that the Buena Vista Singletrack Coalition was critical in providing tools, crew leaders and publicizing the volunteering opportunity.

The Buena Vista Fire Department also helped out, watering the course down with a fine mist, doing in about 10 minutes what it would have taken volunteer crews 3-4 hours to do with garden hoses, Richmond said.

The rehab project last weekend paves the way for coming work on the pump track, with new features like a single track surrounding the pump track, balance features and jump features planned to be added to the well-used circuit.

“This was the stabilization and infrastructure work to get things started, and then we’re going to come back in a couple weeks and build some new features,” Richmond said.

The popularity of the pump track, either as a training tool or as a warmup for rides on the Midland Hill trail system across the river, has increased every year, Richmond said.

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