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Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado has launched a mobile application, called YourCO, designed to enhance and transform the experience of caring for Colorado’s natural resources.

With an existing interactive digital presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, VOC has developed YourCO to allow Coloradans to complete simple and fun stewardship activities on their own time, while earning points, digital badges and rewards along the way.

Additionally, YourCO allows users to sign up for VOC volunteer projects at the touch of their fingertips.

“The mobile component to Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado is going to change the way people think about stewardship,” said Ann Baker Easley, executive director of VOC. “There’s an app for that’ is a common phrase, but not in the case of outdoor volunteerism, at least as far as we know. As the first organization of our kind to introduce an app like this, we are thrilled to allow Coloradans new ways to get involved quickly and easily.”

To celebrate the launch of YourCO, VOC has teamed up with Noble Energy, a sponsor of VOC’s 2016 outdoor stewardship season, to host an app launch party Oct. 20 at the Brew on Broadway from 6 to 7:30 p.m. The party will include an introduction to YourCO, fun “task stations” to complete simple stewardship activities, great raffle prizes, snacks and beer and coffee specials.

“VOC’s 32 years of volunteer management experience reinforces the fact that individuals are much more inclined to being active outdoors and engaged in stewardship activities if they can do it with friends, in a social-like setting, and have a fun and rewarding experience.

“We feel certain that this app will inspire individuals of all ages, but particularly younger populations, to get outside and care for the natural world around them,” said Easley. “YourCO literally puts the whole outdoor stewardship process into the palm of your hands.”

About Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC)

Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) is a statewide nonprofit volunteer organization dedicated to motivating and enabling people to be active stewards of Colorado’s natural resources. Since 1984, VOC’s award-winning volunteer, youth, and leadership training programs have engaged nearly 105,000 people of all ages in caring for Colorado’s outdoors - a total donated labor value of $21 million. Such volunteer efforts have made a lasting impact on Colorado through hands-on work in wildfire and flood restoration, trail building and maintenance, tree planting and re-forestation, and much more.

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