Trout Steak Revival

Trout Steak Revival founder Steve Foltz, bassist Casey Houlihan and banjo master Travis McNamara play during TSR’s 2017 appearance at Campout for the Cause. Trout Steak last played in Buena Vista in December, when it sold out the Ivy Ballroom at the Surf Hotel.

Trout Steak Revival headlines the main stage concert at Campout for the Cause Friday night.

In addition to playing for fans, the show will be a celebration of a year spent overcoming challenges, finding focus, and reconnecting as a group.

Nearly every music act faces a moment when they must choose a direction—move forward together, separate and pursue life individually or find a solution in between.

Trout Steak Revival tackled their growing pains head-on, according to frontman Steve Foltz.

“We started to hit bottom and had to work hard on resolving any friction or relationship problems.”

Foltz discussed the band’s resolve to move forward and their involvement of a group psychologist to help them find a common direction.

“Interpersonal relationships are hard, especially when you’re on the road touring. The therapist got us talking about where we are, our struggles individually and as a band. It was hard—should we call it quits, do we push ahead?”

Ultimately, the members of Trout Steak Revival chose to remain together and recommitted to touring and recording.

As Foltz noted, the group eventually realized that while touring can be exhausting, it’s also a great lifestyle which provides lots of quality time at home in between gigs.

“We are big-time staying together,” he emphasized. “We’re now in a very healthy spot as a band.”

Playing Campout for the Cause is a return to the group’s adopted home of Buena Vista. Travis McNamara plays solo in town, and Foltz has a side project, Magnolia North, which also performs locally.

“We started in Chaffee County, so it’s a home base for us,” Foltz said.

Recommitted to the life of a traveling band, Trout Steak Revival plays multiple festivals this year, including the Northwest String Summit in North Plains, Oregon, Hoxeyville Music Festival in Wellston, Mich., and the renowned Floydfest in Boones Hill, Va.

Trout Steak Revival returns to the recording studio in Denver next month to work on a new album.

In between regaining focus and healing collectively, the band has been hashing through new songs, arranging them in preparation for a new CD.

“We’ve been playing a lot of our new stuff lately to get them worked out. We’ll play some of them at Campout,” Foltz said.

One new song, “Where Do I Return,” discusses life in the mountains and the positive effects the hills have on band members. Another tune, “Arrows In Dark,” references the band’s career struggles in the last year and what ultimately led them to seek assistance with tough choices.

According to Foltz, the new album is not theme-focused but a collection of personal experiences and thoughts. “We’re producing music very strong now. Nobody is halfway in.”

Trout Steak Revival caps off day one of Campout for the Cause at 9:30 p.m. In addition to sharing new songs with faithful fans and bringing the evening to a conclusion, the band members view the show as a celebration of overcoming adversity, renewed collective energy, and a fresh take on an already successful career.

Trout Steak will also host soap boxes from 6:55-7:35 p.m., and 8:50-9:30 p.m., Saturday.

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