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This year, Buena Vista Public Works completed extensive repairs of Gunnison Avenue, North Pleasant Avenue and North San Juan Avenue.

“We went into Gunnison with our crew and removed a bunch of failing asphalt, chip-seal , whatever it was underneath there and resurfaced that before we did the chip-seal project,” said Public Works director Shawn Williams. “That was a big one. It was a pretty long run, basically all of North Gunnison as well as South Gunnison from Main Street down to Oak Street.”

“We cut out existing sections of road that had failing asphalt and we compacted it and then we installed a new surface for the asphalt,” he said. “It was fairly extensive the amount of street patching and cuts that were made before the chip-seal installation.”

On North Pleasant and North San Juan, the rehabilitation efforts took a similar approach, Williams said, but rather than chip-seal , a 2-inch asphalt overlay was laid over the road.

“The reason we went with the asphalt overlay is because those streets have much higher traffic flows,” Williams said.

Public Works’ job is far from over, however.

“There are just so many streets that are in need of repair,” Williams said. “We were pretty excited this year to be able to do what we did do.”

The Gunnison and Pleasant projects were financed through the Street Fund, which gathers its revenue from a percentage of sales tax returns.

“Hopefully the hard work that we put in to removing failing asphalt and doing a complete 2-inch overlay on top of that road, hopefully that was good value for our money. I’m pretty optimistic that it was,” Williams said.

Williams said that next year his department may see more dollars allocated to capital improvement projects than in 2019.

Earlier this month, Williams offered a street fund budget proposal that includes an improvement project targeting South Railroad Ave. with a projected cost of $163,000 including new and improved sidewalks, street designs, storm-water solutions, town trails and safer intersections.

The Railroad street project would be in part funded by Safe Routes to School grants, the town’s Storm-water Fund, its Sidewalk Maintenance Program as well as the Street Fund and in-kind work from Public Works.

The budget proposal also identifies five streets in need of rehabilitation: Oak Street from Highway 24 to Gunnison Avenue, North Court Street from Main Street to Chestnut, South Gunnison between Oak Street and DePaul Avenue, Arkansas Street between Highway 24 and Colorado Avenue and DePaul Avenue between Highway 24 and Gunnison.

Of these, the proposed Arkansas Street project would be the most expensive, requiring patching and a 2-inch asphalt overlay over the course of its 900 linear feet for an estimated $51,000.

Oak Street, a 740-linear-foot asphalt overlay project, would cost $47,000. The proposed South Gunnison Project, a 1700 linear foot chip-seal , would cost $26,000, Williams estimated in the proposal.

These projects will be approved through a Request for Proposal process, or RFP, Williams said.

“As we put those projects out to bid, that’s when the trustees will approve them.”

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