Chaffee County Public Health

As Chaffee County residents head outside to enjoy warmer weather, Chaffee County Public Health Director Andrea Carlstrom reminds everyone that safer-at-home orders are still in effect, both locally and at the state level. 

The threat of the COVID-19 pandemic is not over, she said in a press release.

Caution while taking advantage of recreational opportunities is important to the safe reopening of Chaffee County, Carlstrom said. 

She recommends these guidelines for safe recreation:

• In a group with non-household members, maintain social distance of 6 feet. The state order prohibits gatherings larger than 10 people. 

• Recreate with household members. Recreation often requires close contact. Only touch and be close enough to “breathe the same air” as your family members. 

• Always have your mask with you when recreating. One way to do this is to have a bandana tied around your neck. If you’re unable to maintain 6 feet between yourself and non-household members, wear your mask. 

• Park equipment is still closed. Maintain social distance in open areas of parks and other public areas. If an area looks really crowded, find another place to hang out.

• Do not put more than one person on a paddleboard, mini raft, inflatable mattress or any other device where social distance is impossible. 

• Maintain 6 feet distance from non-family members on paved trails, dirt trails, on bikes, while walking, while sitting by the river, while having a picnic, etc.

Carlstrom noted many of these guidelines were not followed last weekend.

“Not only does this risk the safety of our residents, but it risks officials closing these areas to the public. This has happened in outdoor spaces around the country, and we do not want it to happen in Chaffee County.

“Please, follow these guidelines and ensure your children are doing so as well,” she said.

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