Tesla's Tomorrow

A group tries to figure out a puzzle in the Tesla’s Tomorrow escape room at Corvus Clothing and Curiosities. From left are Ryan Sites, Nate Calderone, Anna McKnight and Ayla Blackburn.

You’re walking through the woods in a storm, and you see a cabin. You decide to seek shelter. What happens next is up to you.

This is the premise of Tesla’s Tomorrow, the escape room at Corvus Clothing and Curiosities in downtown Salida.

An escape room is a live-action game that forces groups to work together to solve puzzles to accomplish a specific goal in order to get out of the room within a specific time frame.

Corvus owners Brandon Blake and Tamar Madrigal have lived in Salida since 2016, and both have experience working in theater.

Before moving to Salida, Blake and Madrigal worked for a nonprofit theater near Austin, Texas. They found out a couple they had worked with there had started an escape room in Austin and contacted them.

Their friends helped Blake and Madrigal put together the room’s “brain.” They started building the room in March and opened it in May.

Their escape room is entirely built from scratch, although kits are available. The puzzles were all made up by Blake, Madrigal and their friends.

The room’s theme is based on the ideas of Nikola Tesla. Madrigal said they were bouncing around ideas, and she secretly wanted to do a Tesla-themed room.

Tesla lived in Colorado Springs from 1899-1900, and when the group found that out, it sealed the deal.

The old robot/steampunk thing is really popular, Madrigal said, and they wanted to do something family friendly.

Ayla Blackburn, who tried out the escape room with a group of friends Thursday, said the room was a little disorienting, but good.

Nate Calderone, in that same group, said he liked the way the room built on itself.

For more information, visit corvusescape.com.

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