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Chaffee County commissioners and staff discussed, during their meeting Tuesday, some of the concerns they had about the upcoming Seven Peaks concert by Live Nation in Buena Vista over the Labor Day weekend.

Sheriff John Spezze said his biggest concern was the difficulties he has had communicating with Live Nation, saying he had sent several emails and was still awaiting replies.

Both Spezze and Assistant County Attorney Daniel Tom shared concerns about the festival’s drug policy.

“It just isn’t clear,” Spezze said. “We won’t take possession of legal narcotics. If someone is using marijuana on site, we don’t have a legal right to remove them. They were bad at communicating last year; this year they are worse.”

Wayne “Wano” Urbonas, Chaffee County environmental health specialist, said he has received applications from all of the vendors who will be on site and will be doing inspections when they arrive.

“So it sounds like the usual chaos, but that it’s coming together?” Commissioner Greg Felt asked.

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