The Meadows from above

Aerial view of Sunday night’s Seven Peaks Music Festival during Dierks Bentley’s finale performance.

The Chaffee County Sheriff confirmed that safety documentation has been filed for Seven Peaks.

A spokeswoman for Live Nation said last week that safety plans were submitted in response to statements made by Chaffee County Sheriff John Spezze before the Board of County Commissioners at their Aug. 13 meeting.

“All safety plans for this year’s Seven Peaks Music Festival have been submitted. Our faith is in local law enforcement and with the huge success of 2018, we know that this year will be just as smooth and safe,” said Live Nation’s spokeswoman of the Aug. 30-Sept. 1 event at the Meadows near Buena Vista.

Spezze said at the county commissioners meeting last week that he had sent several emails and was still awaiting replies.

“They were bad at communicating last year; this year they are worse,” Spezze said in the Tuesday meeting.

Live Nation responded to that statement promptly Thursday morning.

“While we don’t make public all details of the safety and evacuation plans, which is standard protocol and in the best interest of those attending a large-scale event, these have been submitted and are currently in the hands of the sheriff,” Live Nation said in its email to The Times following publication of the commission meeting story.

“We are on track and prepared to provide the fans with another great and safe experience this year.”

Spezze said early Wednesday morning, Aug. 21, that he had spoken with Live Nation last week and confirmed that all safety protocol documentation from Live Nation had been received for the Seven Peaks Music Festival.

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