Yes, Buena Vista, there will be a graduation for the Class of 2020, and it’s planned for Saturday, May 23, at the Comanche Drive-In.

In a letter to Buena Vista High School families, principal Kevin Denton announced that graduation would be held next Saturday at 8:30 p.m. at the drive-in theater on CR 306. In the case of inclement weather, the ceremony will be held on the following Saturday, May 30.

“Because of strict guidance released Monday from the Colorado Department of Education, graduation gatherings cannot have more than 10 people – no matter if strict social-distancing practices are observed. However, drive-in graduations have been specifically approved with additional guidelines that I will share at a later date,” Denton said.

Denton thanked the owners of the Comanche, Barb and John Groy, for their generous support of the ceremony.

Further information on the protocols, directions and itinerary for the event will be sent to families, he said.

“Without going into all of the details of the plan, we want you to know that the priorities we are working toward, even in this unique venue are: As much live action and recording as possible; Each graduate having at least a few moments, out of their vehicles to wave and pick up their diplomas (all captured on live video and projected); As traditional, intimate, meaningful, intentional and respectful of a ceremony as we can,” Denton said. “This will be unique, fun, memorable and honoring to our graduates. “

Denton said that the Comanche option allows more family and friends to attend the ceremony than the football field, the other location being looked at for a possible venue.

“Because of the size of the venue we can allow two car loads per family for each graduating senior,” Denton said. “Attendees will not be allowed to leave their vehicle and are encouraged to use the restroom prior to arrival, as these facilities will not be open to the public. This event is closed to the public and there will be school staff at the front gate to ensure that only those invited will be admitted.”

A parade beginning at Avery-Parsons Elementary School and heading west down Main Street towards the drive-in is scheduled to begin at 7:45 p.m.

“The parade is there as an opportunity for the community to come show their support of the grads and to be a part of the festivities,” Denton said, “even though they can’t be at the ceremony.”

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