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The Buena Vista school district’s board of directors continued to discuss what to do with some vacant land it owns during its Monday evening meeting.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Boys & Girls Club, the town of Buena Vista, the Chaffee County Housing Trust and Chaffee County Community Foundation.

Joseph Teipel, CCCF’s executive director, opened the discussion with a proposal, still in the conceptual phase, for the vacant lot at the corner of Court and Chestnut streets.

The proposal would build a multi-story, multi-use development with at least 20,000 square feet of commercial space for use by the school district, as well as an early childhood facility for children under four.

Upstairs, the facility would bring 20 to 30 affordable rental and ownership housing units, Teipel said.

Chaffee Housing Trust was named as a potential partner in the concept, meaning the units would be deed-restricted to be sold to low-income residents in perpetuity. They would likely be reserved for residents making 80 percent of the average median income or less.

Teipel’s proposal suggested that the CCCF could purchase the land on which the structure would be built, the grassy field located just northwest of the district administration building – currently occupied by little other than a solitary stone archway – and bind the project under a ground lease.

If I had my druthers, Teipel said, the board would see a feasibility study on the project by early summer.

The board gave approval for the town to potentially lease the two lots next to the administration building (right across the street from where CCCF’s proposed project would be) on either side of the district’s maintenance buildings, for parking.

The lease could be canceled by either the town or the district at any time, and would allow the town to be more proactive in signing and policing the lots as public parking during the summer.

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