East Main Street

Retailers on East Main Street and across town will open for Small Business Saturday.

The Friday after Thanksgiving is traditionally Black Friday, when the holiday shopping season begins with a frenzy.

The following day, however, highlights the small, locally-owned businesses.

Member Small Business Saturday deals will be posted on the Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce website.

“One thing small businesses can offer that a person on the internet cannot is that friendly, approachable face-to-face interaction,” said Matt Wells, owner of Black Burro Bikes in South Main. Wells said the store would be offering a 10 percent discount to any customer with an ID that proves they’re local to the Arkansas Valley.

“Small-town shops like ours really have the opportunity to provide a level of customer service that you can’t and will not find when you’re interacting in an online buying experience.”

At Rustic Woods on the corner of East Main and U.S. Highway 24, owner Jenny Erchul said the store would be hosting an open house “with cider and cookies, we’re going to be offering some promotions like a free gift with a certain dollar amount purchased.

“We’re also going to be having a drawing, if you spend x amount of dollars you can put your name in for a bigger ticket items to win for free if your name gets pulled in that drawing,” Erchul said.

Rock Paper Scissors on East Main will be offering 10 percent off any item in the shop and 20 percent off any house plants as well as an additional 5 percent off if customers play and win a game of rock, paper, scissors, said store owner Victoria Hock. The store will also be offering free cider and cookies, she said.

“I feel like it kind of kicks off the holiday season for us,” Hock said. “It’s just nice after summer winds down and all the tourists are gone to reconnect with the community and people that live here.”

Supporting local businesses, not only on this Saturday, supports the people who live and work in the same community and supports the unique business environment of Buena Vista, largely free from large nationwide chains.

“Keep the money local. Support the people who live and work in your community instead of just buying from the Big Box stores or shopping online,” Erchul said.

Hock said that “by supporting local businesses, people are supporting their community … people will find things they can’t find at Wal-Mart. Lots of handmade goods. It’s a nice opportunity for people to support artists and craftspeople.”

“We’ve been in business for many years and have a great local following and feel that our customers enjoy coming in and finding items in our store that are either handmade locally or handmade in Colorado or are just unique and different from what you can get at run of the mill type stores,” Erchul said.

Lem1031 hair studio on Main Street will be offering a discount on all Paul Mitchell products, said owner Leanna Miller. In her industry, the advantage local shops have is that they can be very specialized.

“People have that day where they can come out and do some stocking-stuffer gifts. Things they couldn’t find anywhere else,” Miller said.

Wells said that “Small mountain towns have a tough existence … Our town, in our industry at least, relies on tourism traffic, people coming here to recreate, and we rely on the town embracing that recreation as an economic stimulus. There’s no large industry here, it’s not easy to find a job here. So owning a small business is challenging, but we have the ability right now to dream up anything we want in BV. We’re here at a really cool time in the town’s history as the town evolves and grows and I want to be a part of that.

“I do think people around here try to support small businesses as often as they can,’ Wells said.

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