Prior to this semester, I had always thought about trying online school for various classes. This would allow me to learn at my own pace and to not spend 8 hours of my day in a school building.

That being said, I had never switched over, for the reasons that I would miss the personal interaction with the teachers and this would possibly aid in the slow destruction of my social life.

As the school announced that we would be learning online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I found this a grand opportunity to try the idea I’d had.

The motivation at first was hard to find, as our grades are frozen and can only go up from where they were left off when the governor’s order closed schools.

The first day I sat down to do my work I didn’t really feel like the work was something I really had to do. In my mind it seemed as more of an option than a task. After having 2 weeks of spring break, I was ready for it to be summer.

To get out of this mindset was difficult, but I soon came to the realization that it’s to my benefit to do the work. Though I would much rather be playing outside, the information I am learning through our teachers may be valuable for my future.

It’s weird to not be surrounded by classmates and teachers every day. It’s hard to put in the effort when it’s just my computer that holds my agenda for the day.

Depending on the teacher, our work is posted throughout the week and almost all of the teachers have offered times to video call to ask questions or talk about what the assignment is.

Despite not being able to have that personal interaction, this has been a great opportunity to connect with the teachers and understand the assignments given.

Overall, during this online learning, our teachers have done a great job in making sure that the student body understands and can successfully complete the given tasks.

As most of these teachers were not trained for this type of situation, and students miss them in the classrooms, they have made this type of learning very smooth for us all.

Though this mandatory online learning isn’t preferred, it is what you make of it. Many are ready to get back into our brand new building and be around each other and the teachers again, but for now, it’s a good thing we have the access to the technology we do.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Miss Montoya is a student at Buena Vista High School. As part of an Advanced Placement class this semester, she will make occasional contributions to this newspaper.

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