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The Buena Vista Hunter Education course is entering the electronic age.

The local hunter education association offers one class in the fall and one in the spring. This fall’s class will be an online class. This on-line class involves registering for the Sept. 29 conclusion class as well as taking the online class and tests.

The process goes like this. Go to On the home page, select the “Learn” link. That takes you to a page with a variety of links. On the left is “Hunter Education” and under that are links for traditional classes and online classes.

Click on the online class option. Once on that page, you can read the requirements for completing the online class. Near the bottom is the information for the Colorado approved online course. Before you start the online class, you must register for the conclusion class.

The conclusion class is required and is a classroom session. There is a link on the right side of the online course page that says “Register”. Click on that link, and then go through the classes to the Sept. 29 date. It will show the Sangre De Cristo/Buena Vista class there. Sign up soon because the class is limited to a maximum of 40.

The class will be held at the Sangre de Cristo Electric Association community room. Sangre de Cristo Electric is just north of Buena Vista.

The class will start at 9 a.m.

You must complete all of the online class before you come to the conclusion class. The class will be over early in the afternoon. The classroom/conclusion class will cost $10 payable at the door that day.

Every person born after Jan. 1, 1949, who wishes to hunt in Colorado must pass the hunter education course.

The Buena Vista Hunter Education Association conducts the class. This dedicated group volunteers their time each year to help train future firearm’s users.

Since the inception of the law requiring hunter education, hunting accidents and deaths have dropped dramatically. Before the law was enacted, Colorado hunting fatalities often reached double digits.

In recent times, it is rare to have a hunting fatality. The program has been an obvious success in making people aware of how to avoid serious mistakes when handling firearms.

Colorado recognizes hunter education cards from every other state. If a person has a card from elsewhere, that card is valid in Colorado to legally purchase a Colorado hunting license. Colorado’s hunter education database is saved digitally in Denver.

Lost Colorado cards can be replaced with minimal effort. Replacement cards cost $5 and are available at any Division of Parks and Wildlife Office.

For more information, call Randy Hancock at 719-395-2888 or Kevin Madler at 719-539-8413.

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