Now This Is Love Colorado Auction

Now This Is Love Colorado Auction had raised $39,110.94 for local businesses as of 11:36 a.m. Monday since opening to the public Thursday, Scott Peterson, Chaffee County Visitors Bureau marketing director, said.

In total, the online auction has offered $391,601.18 worth of local products and services for bid or sale. The page has been viewed 28,780 times.

According to a Saturday press release, the auction had sold 134 products and received a total of 192 bids, although Peterson said the numbers have been changing “by the minute.”

The collaborative effort involving the Visitors Bureau, Salida and Buena Vista chambers of commerce and Salida Business Alliance allows county entrepreneurs to sell gift cards, products and services from their businesses, with all proceeds going directly to them.

The Visitors Bureau pays all processing fees. Businesses are responsible for shipping purchases.

Monumental Expeditions offered 10 Browns Canyon half-day passes for two people on the auction, all of which have been sold. Co-owner Lisa Caimi said the auction gives local businesses like hers hope for the foreseeable future.

“We hope that (the auction) will encourage people to spend money locally,” Caimi said.

Elk Raven Photography co-owners Ryan Kempfer and Chris Kassar said in an email that they uploaded 10 pictures for sale, eight of which were sold as of Monday.

“Since we did have some unfortunate news before this auction due to uncertainty with COVID-19, this will really help a lot in the upcoming weeks,” they said. “It’s a huge positive step forward.”

They said they supported the auction’s concept and execution.

“We believe this was an incredibly amazing idea,” they said. “It was very well received, easy to purchase items for buyers and simple to navigate for sellers.”

Items will continue to be accepted until 5 p.m. Saturday with the auction officially ending at 6 p.m. The auction can be visited at

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