Currently in eighth grade, 14-year-old Rosalyne Cope has already had the opportunity to boost her music performance skills and play at the high school level.

Cope’s interests in music have been blossoming since she first played violin with Noelle Hogan.

Since then, she has picked up the flute for 3 years, the oboe for 2 years and the piccolo more recently.

While at a recital for her older sister, she saw her now-band director Marti Bott playing the flute and felt the desire to play it then.

She learned about the oboe after playing the flute in her sixth grade year. She was introduced to the piccolo by playing the oboe next to one of the high school band students, Gabriella Wagner, who plays piccolo.

Playing multiple instruments has been an enjoyable experience for Cope.

“It makes me motivate myself to grow and not only have one instrument,” she says. “I think it’s good to have one instrument, but I can also specialize in multiple, and I can learn the differences in different instruments and use that to my advantage for other instruments I might play in the future.”

Starting in middle school, she became more focused on her athletics and other instruments, so she stopped playing the violin as frequently.

Now when she has the time, she returns to the violin for fun.

Cope is also interested in taking up piano.

“Piano has always sounded really cool,” she says. “One of my friends played it. I had an interest for it. I thought it’d be really cool to be able to play it and have that skill. Hopefully, this summer I could find some spare time to start playing.”

Cope finds a lot of inspiration in music pieces such as “Flying Colors,” by Robert Buckley, “A Kansas Two Step,” by Arthur Pryor and edited by Kenneth Singleton, “Disney at the Movies,” arranged by John Higgins and “Flight of the Bumblebee,” by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.

“These pieces inspire me to become a better overall player, and are challenging. I am determined to play them well. My favorite piece, though, is ‘Mars’ from ‘The Planets’ by Gustav Holst, arranged by William Owens. ‘Mars’ is a really fun, beautiful piece that I hope to perform sometime,” she says.

Her favorite memory of performing is from her sixth grade year, playing “Tanchozuru” by Randall D. Standridge alongside her seventh and eighth grade peers.

“I loved learning it and really enjoyed playing it with other people,” she says.

Cope is grsteful to her family for being so supportive as she continues to develop her musical skills, making her ability to do so that much easier.

“For me, performing is a way to show people the outcome of my hard work,” she says.

“I love that I can show other people the outcome of persistence and hard work and show people that if they keep trying, they will achieve their end goal no matter what it is. From running a marathon to finishing that 1,000-piece puzzle.”

Getting to play with the talents of the High School Concert Band this year has been an honor for Cope. Not only has she enjoyed adding her own sounds to theirs, she has had the chance to improve more than ever.

“I thought it was really awesome that my band director gave me the opportunity to challenge myself to step up to that level,” she says. “I’ve learned different time signatures and different keys that I thought I couldn’t play in past years.”

Cope was also set to head off with her fellow middle and high school students to perform at Disneyland this spring, but the increasing threat of COVID-19 put a halt to travel plans and led to Disneyland closing the park to the public.

However, Cope and her bandmates are hopeful that they still have the chance to perform there this summer.

“I’m really excited because I would be able to share my band’s skill with people that aren’t normally in my local community, that might travel from across the country to just visit there and hear my band playing and see how well we’ve improved since the beginning of the year,” she says.

Beyond the Disneyland trip, Cope has other musical hopes for the future, such as playing for the spring high school musicals and possibly joining the High School Jazz Band.

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