Monarch ski school

Monarch Mountain’s new ski and ride school building is one step away from opening. The building will give the ski school its own spot, rather than sharing a building with the mountain’s rental

After sharing space with the rental shop for the last decade, Monarch Mountain’s ski and ride school will have its own space this winter.

Monarch built a new ski and ride school building overlooking the beginner hill at its base area during the summer. The building, which just needs to pass a final inspection before it’s opened, will serve as the meeting area for its instructors while also housing its supervisor offices.

“It’s wonderful,” said Bryan Masse, Monarch ski and ride school supervisor. “Now we finally have our own spot again.”

The ski school used to have its own space in an A-frame building, but it has shared a building with the rental shop for the last decade, Masse said.

“We were stuffed back in a corner,” Masse said, noting that guests would often mistake him for a rental technician.

Now, however, the ski school will have its own spot that’s front and center at the base area.

“It’s nice to know we have a presence on the mountain,” Masse said. With 130 ski and snowboard instructors, Masse said they have the largest staff on the mountain.

The ski and ride school also goes beyond helping people who have never skied or snowboarded learn a new sport. They also teach people how to take their skills to the next level. They can teach people how to jump off cliffs and park jumps, race through gates or tackle any of the terrain Monarch offers.

“We can take you to any terrain and any avenue that skiing and snowboarding offer,” Masse said. “Anything you could possibly want – we have something for every tier.”

The adult clinics begin in January, Masse said.

Group, private, half-day and full-day lessons are all available. Monarch’s website also notes that learning from your friend or spouse can be stressful and encourages people to let their trained and certified professions get you sliding in

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