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Judy Lynn, a retired Colorado principal and adviser to the Buena Vista school district, has been named as the interim principal for Avery-Parsons Elementary School for the 2019-2020 school year following the sudden departure of Tim Scott earlier this month.

BVSD superintendent Lisa Yates announced Lynn’s appointment in a letter to “Avery Parsons’ Families,” last week.

In the letter, Yates announced a pair of open meetings scheduled for Monday, June 10 at the district administration building at 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. for families to share “thoughts and questions for the future.”

The meeting will be the first in a series of meetings to be held on the 10th of each month from June of this year through May 2020, she said.

“In January, the principal position will be posted and an interview team consisting of staff, family and district staff will interview candidates with a recommendation to the board in late February or early March,” she said.

Emily Madler, the district instructional coach, will serve as head of the elementary school through the end of June, Yates said.

Madler was named the acting head of Avery-Parsons after Yates announced in a letter to families on May 6 that Scott had been placed on personal leave for the short remainder of the school year.

At the meeting of the district’s board of directors 1 week later, Scott’s resignation was accepted.

Yates said that parents will have “several opportunities throughout the summer to meet Judy and learn more about her.”

Lynn has served on BVSD’s district accountability committee for a number of years and has “15 years of experience in Colorado and globally” in school administration, Yates said.

“In the last few years, (Lynn) has worked with both the University of Northern Colorado and Western State University in mentoring principals,” she said. “I believe it is no accident that we have such a highly qualified person right here in our community who is already vested in our district and who is willing to pause her retirement to bring stability and continued growth to our school at this time.”

Scott was hired as principal for the elementary school in 2017, his first position as a principal following a 20-year career as a science teacher at General William J. Palmer High School in Colorado Springs.

In 2016, the school board cast a 5-2 vote to not renew the contract of Stefani Franklin, who had been the head of Avery-Parsons for 11 years.

Touted by then-superintendent Sue Holmes, the school board voted 7-0 May 3, 2016, to approve Scott McFarland as school principal.

The Times reported McFarland most recently taught third grade and was an instructional coach at the Aspen Academy in Greenwood Village.

Just over a year later, the school had another principal when Scott was hired July 10, 2017.

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