Santiago has attended The Link School for almost 3 years.

He has gone on amazing trips to Colombia and Peru. Santi has learned new skills in the outdoors such as rock climbing and navigating in avalanche terrain. 

He is very grateful for the opportunities he has had climbing multi-pitch towers in Utah. Santi has also traveled a lot outside of Link and wants to pursue a career that continues that.

In the fall, he will be attending Colorado State University where he plans to major in international business and finance.

Grace Benson is graduating after 4 years at The Link School.

She is incredibly appreciative that her high school experience has included international trips, backpacking in the Sangre de Cristos, many trips on the river and so much more. 

She is most thankful for the inspiring and encouraging staff at the Link School. It was their support that created an environment for Grace to thrive academically and prepare her for all of the adventures that lie ahead of her. 

Grace will be heading to CU Boulder in the fall and is incredibly grateful to have grown up in BV with so much support from the incredible community.

Rian’s favorite part of her senior year was working on her mural on a wall at The Link School. She loved the creative expression it gave her and the inner peace that came from it.

Rian also loved helping out at the Boys & Girls Club on Wednesdays for her community service.

She enjoys working with kids and Rian will be spending this summer at Adventure Unlimited Ranches in Buena Vista teaching kids how to ride horses.

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