Lindsay Lou sings with Trout Steak

Soulful and poignant singer, songwriter and musician Lindsay Lou returns to Buena Vista with her mesmerizing voice for a night at The Lariat Thursday, Aug. 29.

Based in Nashville, Tenn., Lindsay Lou was raised with a sense of community, always surrounded by music.

Since then, she has honed those senses as well as her singing and guitar skills, even on national and international tours, and among bandmates Josh Rilko (mandolin, vocals) and PJ George (bass, vocals) and special guests.

Her music consists of “a flavor of Americana that has somehow made a niche for itself in the jam band scene without anyone taking 15-minute solos. Still there is some inherent sense of freedom and groove to it that just fits,” she says.

Lindsay Lou’s fourth album “Southland” was released last April, bringing with it 10 “transformative and heart-wrenching” songs including “Roll with Me,” “Go There Alone” and “The Voice.”

Over the past few months, she has released more new songs such as “Keep On Going,” “The Great Defender” and “Ready.” Of the latter, Lou explained in a press release for her North American Summer 2019 Tour, “‘Ready’ is about coming out of the darkness of doubt into the jubilation of knowing love is within us and all around us. Living in that light is empowering, but in the haze of hate speech and the endless broadcasting of bad news it can be easy to lose sight.

“Reclamation of love and finding faith in the ebb and flow feels like Mother Nature breathing new life into barren branches after a long winter.”

Recently, her performances have been highlighted by Rolling Stone, stating, “the sheer beauty of Lindsay Lou’s performance resides in her magnetic presence onstage, something amplified into the ether amid her status as a rapidly rising songwriter in an electric band.”

Lindsay Lou was last seen in Buena Vista at this year’s Campout for the Cause, and she is thrilled to be back to perform again.

“I’ll be turning my own love for you into a warm, buttery blanket of sound. It’ll connect us like only music can,” she said.

“We’ll touch upon topics that either push the envelope of your consciousness or leave you feeling less alone.”

Lindsay Lou performs at The Lariat at 9 p.m. Tickets are $10.

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