Israel Nash

Israel Nash returns to Buena Vista Thursday, Aug. 8, in support of his latest album “Lifted.” He calls the latest release a modern-day, hippie spiritual, created for those who need to escape the daily grind.

Recorded at his home studio in Dripping Springs, Texas, “Lifted” uses sounds and field recordings captured around the ranch. Drums are played in rain collection tanks, water trickles across rocks and amphibians sing background.

Nash experimented on this album, using unique recording methods and even arranging songs according to the I Ching.

The album includes horns, strings, Americana roots and is interspersed with rock and psychedelia.

“It’s all about finding, searching for little sparks of inspiration,” Nash says on his website. “It may be a sound, a groove, a color or even an objection. Old things are inspiring.”

“It doesn’t matter if you’re making a recording or living your life, find these inspirations with a vigil eye and watch them change both you and your world.”

Nash said one tune from the new album, “Rolling On,” is primarily a personal message.

“It was a message … to not get stuck in thinking and the past. It’s too easy for us to worry about pretty much everything.”

Nash and his group swing through Colorado in a break from a tour that has kept them in Europe most of the summer. Following a few stateside shows, the collective will head back across the ocean for a series of shows in the United Kingdom.

Israel Nash and his band play at 9 p.m., Thursday, at The Lariat, 206 E. Main St. $10 admission.

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