The U.S. Forest Service, San Isabel National Forest, Salida Ranger District will continue to sell fuelwood permits through Nov. 15.  The permits are valid through Dec. 31, meaning wood can be collected through the end of the calendar year under a permit purchased on or before Nov. 15.

Permits cost $10 per cord, with a minimum purchase of three cords ($30) and a 10-cord limit per family.  Payments by cash, check or credit card accepted.

The Salida Ranger District offers two different fuelwood programs.  The first is designated cutting areas, where timber crews have already cut trees down.  These areas will close on Nov. 30 to protect the winter range of certain wildlife species.

The second fuelwood program on the District allows people to cut standing dead or downed trees from along any Forest Service road, known also as “roadside cutting”.  Some exceptions exist, such as for developed campgrounds, ski areas, and other administrative and recreational sites. Please be aware that Forest Service roads are not plowed, and may become inaccessible due to snow prior to permit expiration date.

For more information call the Salida Ranger District at 719-539-3591.

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