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GARNA is endorsing and bringing REI’s #OptOutside campaign to the Upper Arkansas Valley. #OptOutside encourages individuals to spend Black Friday, a major shopping holiday, outside on public lands.

This year, REI and GARNA are taking a broader stance that while just getting outside is good, the public can stretch itself to include sustainability and care for our natural resources this holiday season.

GARNA and REI are encouraging individuals to step up to weekly challenges making behavior changes related to these issues.

REI Co-op explains, “#OptOutside has become a movement.

Now, the time has come to evolve the movement into a broader call to action. As we embrace time outside

during a holiday, we will be asking how all of us might step up to the challenge of sustaining the outdoors and take actions to help ensure the health of the places we all love. In the run-up to, on and after Black Friday, how might we redouble our efforts to protect the natural world?”

, GARNA is asking the local community to challenge itself to try something new and green, participate in a conservation project and then post about it on Instagram, tagging #garnaopttoact and #OptOutside.

Check out GARNA on social media for ideas.

On Dec. 29, GARNA will randomly select Instagram posts for prize drawings.

Be sure to tag #OptOutside and #garnaopttoact to be entered to win, while doing something great for our local communities.

There is no limit on entries. In the words of REI, “A community can drive meaningful, truly cooperative action beyond our walls.  Many people taking many steps together can add up to big changes.  Will you join us?”

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