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Housing and development experts Monte Anderson and Kevin Shepherd will visit Salida and Buena Vista on Oct. 23 and 24 for a presentation and discussion focused on the costs and benefits of development and affordable housing.

They appear as part of “Housing + Health: Building Equity and Opportunity in Chaffee County,” a speaker series sponsored jointly by the Chaffee County Department of Public Health and the Office of Housing. These two public events are free to the public, and will include food and childcare, as well as drawings for $100 and $50 gift cards.

Anderson and Shepherd have dedicated their careers to helping communities grow in an incremental way that respects their history and culture, while also bringing financial and lifestyle benefits to businesses and residents alike.

They will share stories and experiences from their decades of experience, with a focus on two related topics: Incremental development and the financial implications of different types of development patterns.

Office of Housing Direct Becky Gray says that she wanted to include Anderson and Shepherd in the series because they can share “how practical housing solutions, like smaller scale developments of duplexes, tri-plexes and four-plexes that fit the scale of neighborhoods, can create community wealth for residents.” She said Anderson and Shepherd have good ideas that can spark creative thinking about how to address our challenges here in Chaffee County.

Andrea Carlstrom, director of Public Health, says that she sees on a regular basis how lack of safe and consistent housing directly impacts the health and wellness of our community and its ability to thrive. “Now more than ever,” she said, “we need to be having discussions about how we develop in this area, and how our choices today will impact health and quality of life for future residents.”

Monte Anderson is president of Options Real Estate, a multi-service real estate company specializing in creating sustainable neighborhoods in Texas. Since 1984, Monte has concentrated on improving the living and working environments in these communities where he was born and raised.

Kevin Shepherd is an entrepreneurial “plangineer” with over 25 years of experience in civil engineering, planning, site development and municipal finance.

For more information on either event, contact Becky Gray at or 719-239-1398.

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Agenda Buster

I'm all for cheap housing, there are plenty of us with no money, no job, and no future who want to move to Chaffee County. We're looking for place with good social service programs.

I'll put the word out to my friends around the country, I know I can get some friends with nothing to offer to move to B.V.

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