Chaffee County residents will learn how to save money and home energy at the Chaffee Green Homes Tour Saturday Sept. 14.

At no charge, residents can tour select homes in Salida where homeowners have installed solar energy systems and made other improvements to make their homes more sustainable.

Homeowners, volunteers and representatives from solar installers Peak Solar Designs, Renewable Energy Outfitters and Colorado Solar Energy will be available to explain smart “green’’ home features.

The tour will begin at the Salida Farmer’s Market, at Alpine Park, 4th and E Streets, at 9 a.m.

Tour sponsor New Energy Colorado will host a booth featuring a variety of energy efficiency measures that homeowners can install at little or no cost.

At the booth, a map of the tour homes will be available – all are near the park location.

From 9 a.m. until noon, the tour homes will be open to interested residents.

“We are delighted that Chaffee County residents will be able to see first-hand how to make homes more energy efficient through this tour,’’ said tour co-sponsor Jacy Doumas, of the Chaffee Green Sustainability Program, part of the Greater Arkansas River Nature Association.

New Energy Colorado works to engage citizens in shaping our energy future by providing education about how our energy system and utilities function today, and what changes are needed to pave the way for a future dominated by energy efficiency, renewables and a smart grid.

“Bringing the Green Homes Tour to Chaffee County is an important step in reaching out around Colorado to spread the word about steps we can each take to reduce our carbon footprint and live more sustainable lives,’’ said Sheila Townsend, tour coordinator for NECO.

The tour is also part of the American Solar Energy Society’s National Solar Tour.

For more information contact Sheila Townsend at 720-312-5948.

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