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Instead of a one-time event, this year’s modified Greater Arkansas River Cleanup-Greenup will be spread from April 22 to May 16 to minimize crowding. Participants are urged to work only in family groups while maintaining a minimum 6-foot distance from others during the 3-week event. And please, stay local.

Between Earth Day on April 22 and Colorado Public Lands Day on May 16, individuals can pick up trash bags (provided by American Rivers) outside of the AHRA Visitor Center, 307 W. Sackett Ave., or outside of the GARNA office, 209 E. 3rd St., both in Salida.

To schedule trash drop-off, call the AHRA at 719-539-7289, or bring your bags and other large items to AHRA on May 16, when a dumpster will be placed outside the Visitor Center.

For our volunteers in Buena Vista, please contact BV Parks and Recreation at 719-395-2408, 719-221-1461, email or PM us on Facebook to schedule a time to pick up your bags. If possible, please coordinate picking up resources during weekdays. You may then dispose of the bags yourself or bring them back to us to dispose of them for you.

As an incentive to participate, prizes will be awarded for “Largest Piece of Trash,” “Strangest Piece of Trash,” “Most Upcycle-Worthy Piece of Trash” and “People’s Choice.”

Be sure to share and tag your photos on social media using #CUGU2020Largest, #CUGU2020Strangest, #CUGU2020Upcycle and #CUGU2020PeoplesChoice or email your submissions to

As always, don’t pick up hazardous trash. Please notify the AHRA at 719-539-7289 if you come across dangerous materials including leaky batteries, chemical containers, sharp items (including needles or other biohazard waste), live ammunition or explosives.

The cleanup counts toward CPW volunteer hours awards. Any individual who completes at least 48 hours of logged CPW volunteer work within a 12-month period is eligible to earn a free volunteer pass.

To create a volunteer profile and log hours for this opportunity, visit the CPW CUGU Volunteer site at In order to keep our efforts spread out, please select a cleanup site at

For more information, contact AHRA at 719-539-7289 or email

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