Tim Scott and kids

Tim Scott sits with several second graders at the front of Avery-Parsons Elementary School.

From leading a single classroom to leading them all, Tim Scott looks forward to his new role of principal of Avery-Parsons Elementary School.

Prior to becoming principal at Avery-Parsons, Scott spent his entire 20-year teaching career as a science teacher and a coach at General William J. Palmer High School in Colorado Springs.

“I felt that it was time to make a shift from being in the classroom to being in the classroom of the whole school,” says Scott. “So now it’s no longer just me with my students but it’s me with the teachers and their students, helping the entire system of the school be successful.”

Until graduating from high school, Scott grew up in rural schools. As an educator, he had lived in a city. The opportunity to return to a rural, tight-knit community was too appealing to pass up.

He had also visited Buena Vista many times before and had friends here. This time he felt ready to fit in with the mountain community and “participate from the inside”.

“Work is a lot of listening and a lot of coordinating,” says Scott. “It’s a lot of encouraging staff as they pursue excellence with their kids. There are difficult conversations of discipline with students when they’re having a hard time, but there are also fun conversations when they’re doing the right thing, too. The work is very diverse, it’s different every day – I think that’s an appealing thing as well.”

In transitioning to this new school environment, Scott is looking at investing in education for not just the students but the teachers as well. Connecting with everyone, not just the students, he hopes to help the growth of Avery-Parsons’s education system toward excellence, encouraging everyone to work together to solve problems and aim for the best outcomes.

To this, Scott adds a quote from Vince Lombardi: “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”

He also plans on building capacity in the students and staff by adhering to the belief that they can create anything.

So far, Scott most enjoys building connections with the elementary school staff and feels privileged and honored to work with them. He likewise enjoys getting to know and work with all of the students within the school.

“The office work is not the favorite; the favorite is to be out in the building with the kids and the staff,” he says.

Talking with the students and helping them with their work, and being in class with them and seeing what they’re learning in class have been some of his favorite moments.

 “I’ve always enjoyed the student aspect of being a teacher,” says Scott. “I think if I wouldn’t have liked it, I probably would have stopped teaching earlier. To stay in education, there’s a real deep and true love of kids. The student process, the learning process, is really awesome.”

He hopes to contribute openness to being a learner – having an inquiring attitude toward success – as he continues to learn about this school system and how it functions, as well as the community itself.

“I think the school system in a smaller community is a very important and vital part of the heartbeat of a community like ours,” he says. “I’m very committed to the growth and I have a desire to imagine greater possibilities with people and kids. What are the possibilities and what can we do to achieve those?”

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