Fembot, specializing in cover songs of female rockers, will play at 7 p.m. Saturday for the Pride Parade After-Party at Benson’s Tavern & Beer Garden, 128 N. F St. in Salida.

The concert is a fundraiser for the Ark Valley Equality Network and Ark Valley Pride.

The band, composed of several familiar faces, includes Shawn Waggoner (vocals and guitar), Christopher Hudson (bass) and Ernie Mose (drums). The trio also plays for local blues powerhouse Blue Recluse. Josh Hogins (guitar) is the sole member not performing in both groups.

Waggoner, who also performs as Shawntel Royale when singing with Blue Recluse, and her husband, bassist Hudson, started playing tunes by powerhouse female rockers while living in Greeley. The couple learned an hour of songs for a local “my favorite band” festival.

“We were doing it for fun every summer,” Waggoner said. “We started with Pat Benatar and added other female rockers. It seemed a shame not to keep playing those songs, so we formed a band that specializes in that sound.” Fembot has played together for 10 years.

Moving from the throaty growls of blues numbers to the rocking rumbles of singers like Joan Jett is challenging, Waggoner said, because it’s a separate way of singing, involving different breathing and voice usage.

“Singing a Heart song versus one by Etta James (when in Blue Recluse mode) is way different, but it’s fun to mix things up,” she said.

The all-ages event, planned for Benson’s outdoor stage, costs $5 per person.

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