The town of Buena Vista received a Great Outdoors Colorado grant to build sustainable trails in the Midland area (CR 304) in 2018.

A cooperative effort between the Bureau of Land Management, town of Buena Vista, Colorado Mountain Club and Buena Vista Singletrack Coalition with trail-building power provided by Southwest Conservation Corps and Timberline Trailcraft has delivered three new trails this year: Extension of Camp Elevation, Sausage Link and Unchained.

These new trails mean that trail users can ride or hike in combination with existing trails as loops. On Nov. 6, there was a ribbon cutting event for all three trails at the Sausage Link trail (please see P15).

Unchained will have a seasonal closure starting Dec. 1 through the winter to protect wildlife. Due to the early snow, there are a few features and some tread work to be finished on Unchained as soon as Mother Nature allows. 

Whitewater Trail repair completed

The Whitewater Trail (a spur of the Arkansas River trail) was damaged by the extremely high runoff this year.

Eight different problem areas from the Staircase Wave to the Surf Hotel were identified for repair.

Buena Vista Public Works and Recreation Departments worked together with Timberline Landscaping to repair these sections with the addition of large boulders to stabilize the river bank.  

A group of volunteers from 14erFest did some finishing touches by placing the top layer of fine aggregate to fill low sections and to provide adequate drainage.

New trails mean closing old ones

When the new extension of the Camp Elevation trail was complete, the job of closing and rehabilitating the social trails began as required by agreement with the land management agency, the Bureau of Land Management.

Buena Vista Singletrack Coalition recruited and directed volunteers over several work sessions.

Three firefighters from Lake George saw the volunteer recruiting and drove over for two work sessions.

BV Racing, the Buena Vista High School mountain bike team also pitched in and restored trails.

Grateful for Boy Scouts

A troop of Boy Scouts from the Denver Area Council spent 3 hours of their week of adventures in the BV area doing maintenance work on the Whipple Trail.

One of the scouts made the work his Eagle Scout project and took charge of the planning, organizing and was the main crew leader.

He communicated with the BLM and with BVSC to do initial planning, then made a day trip to BV to do on-site planning for the actual project. His project was supported by Bureau of Land Management and Buena Vista Singletrack Coalition, who provided three on-site crew leaders for assistance.

The 40 scouts and adult leaders cleared the wide trail of loose rubble, trimmed intruding vegetation and created a loose rock-free line within the trail.

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