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DENVER – After months of hard work by Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the engagement of more than 40 conservation partners, a new status report on Colorado’s big game winter range and migration corridors has been released that will inform future efforts to protect this invaluable natural resource.

Gov. Jared Polis directed both CPW and the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to work cooperatively to conserve Colorado’s valuable big game resources through executive order D 2019 011: Conserving Colorado’s Big Game Winter Range and Migration Corridors.

This executive order directed CPW to compile a big game status report to guide both agencies, as well as its partners, to collectively improve the conservation of big game winter range and migration corridors.

This recently completed report is now available on CPW’s website: 2020 Status Report: Big Game Winter Range and Migration Corridors.  

The report contains the current state of knowledge concerning Colorado’s big game herds and the challenges they face. It features CPW’s compilation of the best-available science on our state’s big game populations, including population status and trends, monitoring and inventory methods, seasonal habitats and migration corridors and conservation threats and actions.

The report also outlines current research and data gaps associated with Colorado’s big game winter range and migration corridors. CPW’s report concludes with recommendations on a path forward to conserve these valuable habitats and populations.

This report illustrates the current state of Colorado’s big game herds, their habitat and the challenges they face and lays the groundwork for future policy, regulatory and legislative recommendations to ensure the ongoing conservation of seasonal big game habitat and migration corridors.

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