Demon fans

Buena Vista football nation will hit the road this weekend for a 1 p.m., Saturday playoff showdown at Meeker in far northwest Colorado.

The Buena Vista Demons finished their regular season play with a solid road win at Monte Vista Nov. 1. In a back-and-forth game, the Demons took control in the fourth quarter to win 27-15.

Monte Vista capitalized on an early turnover by interception and drove the ball about 60 yards for early touchdown.

Their star quarterback/running back Kadion Wenta ran the ball in from 11 yards out and then followed with the run for conversion and the Pirates were up 8-0 with 8:13 remaining in the first quarter.

Buena Vista answered on its second possession with an impressive drive.

After several good runs up the middle behind the solid work of the offensive line, Jacob Phelps ran it in from the 4. Tam Flowers kicked it through the uprights to put the Demons within one at 8-7.

The Demon defense adjusted to what they were seeing and put the stops on for the remainder of the half.

Meanwhile, the offense recognized its superiority at the line of scrimmage and continued to pound the ball at the Pirate defense before scoring on another Phelps run of 25 yards to go to the locker room with the lead 14-8.

The third quarter brought more back-and-forth football and only Monte Vista managed to cross the goal line when they pulled out a little trickery on a forth-and-goal play.

Buena Vista had already turned the Pirate offense away in the red zone and this time, facing fourth down from the 7, the Pirates would depend on Wenta to run it in when they pitched the ball to him at the tailback position.

Instead Wenta pulled up and tossed the ball to running back Levi Trujillo, who had lined up as a wideout and got open in the end zone.

Monte Vista’s successful kick put them in the lead 15-14 with 7:20 remaining in the third quarter.

Buena Vista marched the ball into the red zone, knocking on the Pirate goal line as the third quarter expired.

They switched ends and scored when quarterback Kik Molitor rolled right on the run-pass option and made the decision to tuck the ball score from the 3.

Jacob Phelps went down awkwardly at the end of a 12-yard run midway through the drive. Brandan Cattell moved from the slot to fullback to follow behind the work of the offensive line to complete the drive.

As the final stanza was played out, the Demons were the stronger team. They took control of the line of scrimmage on both sides and made more plays than the Pirates did.

They salted the game away when Molitor threw a strike to Terry Hirsch from the 3 with 2:54 remaining for a 27-15 lead.

The defense put together one more stop and the offense knelt on the ball for the victory.

“I was really proud of them for grinding a game out, especially since they had to overcome a couple of injuries,” said coach Matt Flavin.

“Loved how the offensive line blocked so well. The defense did a great job again.”

When the brackets for the state playoffs were released Sunday, Buena Vista got the 13th seed in the 16-team bracket.

That matched them against the Meeker Cowboys (8-1). The Western Slope Conference champions will host the game at 1 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 9.

“I think Meeker is a good draw for us. We are excited to play someone new that we have no past history with,” Flavin said.

“We are really excited about the playoffs. It always makes us step it up a notch,” he said. “We still need to fix some things that we are in control of and have a great week of practice.”

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