Chaffee County Public Health

Chaffee County Public Health has been made aware of its twelfth positive case Sunday morning, along with two probable positive cases who have not been tested but who came into contact with a positive case and are now symptomatic, according to a press release issued by Andrea Carlstrom, director of Chaffee County Public and Environmental Health.

There has been one death of a Chaffee County resident due to COVID-19 at the time of this report; an 83-year-old male with underlying health conditions who died March 25.

Chaffee County Public Health is investigating these cases, as appropriate, and issuing letters with isolation requirements, as well as obtaining a timeline and list of people and places the positive cases came into contact with.

The gender/age of the cases are as follows:

22-year-old male

38-year-old male

43-year-old male

46-year-old male

57-year-old female – probable, not tested

59-year-old male – probable, not tested

61-year-old female

67-year-old male

68-year-old male

69-year-old male

72-year-old male

72-year-old female

80-year-old female

83-year-old male

As case volume increases, Chaffee County Public Health will only be updating the community on the number of positive and probable positive cases on a regular basis, not gender and age. More detailed information will be provided on a weekly basis.

As of Friday, March 27, Chaffee County had submitted 137 tests, 87 had come back as negative, 8 had come back as positive. That number has increased to 12 over the weekend, 1 is considered a probable, and 41 were pending. That number has decreased to 37 over the weekend.

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