Chaffee COVID case totals 8.13.20

Chaffee County report

As of Aug. 10. Numbers reflect data that is made known to CCPH.

New cases past 7 days 7

Postive cases in Chaffee County 303

Deaths among cases (includes probable) 19

Deaths due to COVID-19 14

Positive community cases (not including Columbine, DOC) 42

Out-of-county cases 13 (Not included in final numbers, cases include people who were tested in Chaffee County but do not have physical addresses here.)


Last updated Aug. 7

Capacity 64%

Current COVID cases 1

Total tests 1,629

Postive tests 51

Negative tests 1,578

Pending 5

Employees tested 97

Positive tests 3

Negative tests 94


Positive Columbine cases 56

Columbine resident cases 44

Columbine staff cases 12


Positive DOC cases 206

DOC inmate cases 194

DOC staff cases 12

Colorado state report

As of Aug. 10.

51,039 cases

593,794 people tested

6,487 hospitalized

63 counties

514 outbreaks

1,863 deaths among cases

1,746 deaths due to COVID-19

Colorado hospital report

Percent of facilities updating (within 24 hours) 79%

Patients hospitalized for confirmed COVID-19 185

Patients hospitalized as COVID-19 under investigation 134

Facilities anticipating staff shortages 5

Facilities anticipating shortages of PPE 1

Facilities anticipating ICU bed shortage 4

Critical care ventilators in use/total vent. 307/1,140

For all local resources related to COVID-19, visit, click RED COVID-19 button.

Community Testing Clinics, Salida and Buena Vista: Chaffee County Public Health, in collaboration with Chaffee County EMS, hosts weekly free COVID-19 Community Testing Clinics. The Tuesday and Thursday clinics are held in Salida at the Touber Building at 448 E. First St. from 9:30-11 a.m. and in Buena Vista at 114 Linderman Ave. on Wednesdays from 9-11 a.m.

Testing is by appointment only. Appointments must be scheduled by close of business the day before the testing clinic will be held. Criteria for testing includes:

• Any community member (or others who consider Chaffee County their medical home) who is showing symptoms.

• Any asymptomatic patient who has a known contact (within 6 feet, greater than 15 minutes) with a positive case or has traveled in an area with high rates of transmission. This does not include secondary contacts.

• All healthcare workers, first responders, senior care facility workers, and essential workers who directly interact with the public while working, whether or not those individuals have symptoms or not.

• If you are interested in testing, call Public Health at 719-539-4510 to be screened and scheduled for testing.

• Those with severe respiratory symptoms should contact their primary care provider.

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