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The Chaffee County Board of County Commissioners will hold a public hearing on Feb. 18, to discuss the future the Sleeping Indian Mobile Home Park at the corner of County Road 361 and 350 west of Buena Vista.

The meeting is scheduled for 9:15 a.m., Tuesday, Feb. 18, at the Buena Vista Annex at 114 N. Linderman Ave., the building across the street from the BV Library.

The public hearing will allow commissioners to receive evidence and public comment on the potentially unsafe mobile homes in the park, which has been abandoned since 2014.

The hearing will open discussion on “the legality, cost and feasibility of options to ensure the public health, safety and welfare, including, but not limited to abatement of the mobile homes,” a public notice of the hearing says.

Decades before it was abandoned, the park was plagued with failures of its wastewater systems, with visibly detectable failures of the park’s northernmost wastewater system found as early as 1989 and as early as 1994 in the southernmost system.

In 2012, County Commissioners required the park’s owners, Dale and Kathleen Laird, to address the septic system to keep it from overflowing. The cost of pumping the tanks led the Lairds to close two thirds of the park.

In 2013, a nearby homeowner sued the Lairds over contamination of their well. In 2014, the Lairds were ordered to pay more than $215,000 in damages.

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