EDITOR'S NOTE: Corrects date. The Colorado Mountain Housing Coalition will host a 2-day rural housing summit Closing the Gap Sept. 16-17.

The summit will offer a variety of workshops for housing organizations, community leaders, lenders, developers, property managers, and others concerned with rural housing issues.

The summit will provide education and discussion on issues facing Colorado’s rural and mountain communities, and will focus on topics including “How to Tell Your Story: Making Social Media and Websites Work For You,” “Energy Efficiencies and Affordability,” “CDFI’s and Impact Investors,” “How to Serve the Immigrant Population,” “Implementing Coordinated Entry,” and “The Missing Middle.” There will also be a keynote speaker each day as well as updates on legislative actions.

All workshops are open to any non-profit entity, government agency, or other business/individual interested in attending. There is a registration fee of $50 for government/non-profits or $75 for other businesses and non-CMHC members. Housing organizations from more than 17 counties, including all mountain resort communities in Colorado, have attended the past 5 years.

The Summit will be held at Citizen’s State Bank and the Elks Lodge both on Main Street in Ouray, Colorado. Coalition President Shirley L. Diaz, a housing consultant and member of the Ouray County Housing Advisory Committee (a co-host), has again received support from lenders and other local businesses for this year’s event

The Colorado Mountain Housing Coalition is a 501C3 organization, which started with a congressional allocation of $1 million dollars in 2002 to help fund down payment assistance in mountain regions.

The Coalition’s purpose is to strengthen the capacity of its members to implement their housing programs and services and acts as a central organization to provide leadership, education, advocacy on public issues, and technical and supportive assistance. It works to increase the effectiveness of the rural western and mountain voice in public policy decisions affecting funding, regulations, and distribution of resources.

For more information contact Betsy Crum at bcrum@tosv.com.

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